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The Centre for Research, Advisory & Technology (CREATE) is a research house with a focus on the thriving Asian market which provides policy, strategy, consulting, stakeholder relations, digital and communications services.


Formulate, implement and evaluate policies


Develop and deliver successful strategies


Engage stakeholders and build consensus


Connect the dots and amplify your impact

CREATE to Sustain. Innovation Drives Transformation.
Change for the Better.

CREATE is dedicated to Transformation, Innovation and Sustainable Development.

Meet Our Team

CREATEducation works on developing young adults into innovative, creative, bold and inventive thinkers.

It was being predicted that more than millions of jobs will be displaced by 2030 while new jobs will be created in the march of technological progress. Technological advancement in the 4th Industrial Revolution is bringing about fundamental shift in many fronts. The 4th IR is shifting job roles and skillsets required to accomplish them.

Everyday, we think about the Future of Jobs and rethink about how Education should be. One thing for sure, is that technology is a tool, and people must still come first. Our troubling world needs young leaders and innovators to solve many challenging problems that we face today.

At CREATEducation, we design programs to develop and empower young adults in many fronts and we don’t normally give you a standard play-book. Tapping into our large pool of local and international experienced experts, trainers and practitioners network who are passionate in educating and nurturing young minds; we are able to tailor made the program according to your needs.

Our programs span across multiple domains. We offer a safe space for participants to share their views and we respect self-exploration even when we discuss about difficult topics.

To find out more about how we can collaborate or for enquiries, please reach out to us at info@thecreate.net