Press Release: Line up of cabinet members on 12 May 2018

The Centre for Research, Advisory and Technology ( CREATE ) congratulates the PM for appointing an impressive line up of cabinet members this afternoon.

CREATE CEO Ng Yeen Seen commented in a statement today that this is a very balanced announcement which she has not seen in the BN administration for a long time. “It is unprecedented to see the appointment of a Chinese Finance Minister in Cabinet in a very long time. I am even more pleased to see eminent personalities like Robert Kuok, Tan Sri Zeti to be appointed as advisors to the Government.”

We believe that the SMI and SMEs in Malaysia will now be officially guided by successful personalities. This is good for the development of the domestic economy. We look forward to seeing new industries being created, and more quality jobs being created locally. Hopefully this move will attract Malaysian talents residing overseas to return to serve and to build the nation.

CREATE looks forward to more positive announcements tomorrow when PM Tun Mahathir announces the rest of the cabinet line up tomorrow.— ends

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