Press release from the CREATE on 11 May 2018

The Centre for Research, Advisory and Technology ( CREATE ) congratulates the people of Malaysia for making a firm decision in exercising our democratic rights.

Now, it is our burden to ensure that the newly elected PH Federal Government and even all Governments in the States to uphold this democratic wishes of the people.

Paramount to this, it is important for the new government to uphold the rule of law and respect the opposition. We hope and encourage the Government to be defenders of minority rights in this country who have for the longest time suffered discrimination. Make this land Malaysians’ Malaysia.

CREATE looks forward to working with the new government especially on areas in strengthening the economic resilience and institutional reforms.

This is an exciting chapter for Malaysia. The success of our democratic process and the peaceful transition of power proved to the world that Malaysia is indeed a mature and advanced society.

We also thank the previous government for allowing the incubation of a truly democratic process amidst negative perceptions.

We hope that both the new Government and the new Opposition can come together to build the nation.—- end